Beauty Blowouts

Metal Me Not $ 55

Eliminate those metals + minerals from your hair!

Dream Filter  removes all of them in just 1-3 minutes 

Add $15 if you have extensions

 Unconditional Love $ 30 

Deep conditioning treatment 

Replace lost collagen 

Restore Hydration

Packed with nutrients 

Signature Cocktail $ 55

 Incredible heat activated treatments for your hair troubles! 

Create your signature cocktail: 

Kale- Repairs damage

Coconut- Adds hydration

Carb- Thickens 

Add $15 if you have extensions

The Royal Treatment $ 50

Deep conditioning treatment 

This pampering session will leave you feeling like a queen !


hot towel scalp treatment

Triple threat nutrient restoring! 

Tension Massage

Hand massage 

Happy Ending $ 60

Your story to long locks begins by mending those ends!

Rejuvabeads is a revolutionary 

split end mender that seals your ends for 2-3 washes! 

Stop the breakage where it counts!

Add $15 if you have extensions

Level Up $ 60

Experience smooth frizz free hair for up to 4 washes!

Dream Coat Humidity Sealant 

Adds shine and doesn't leave build up on the hair 

Add $15 if you have extensions