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The hair you've always dreamt of is within your reach! 

Whether you long for more volume and thickness or the luxurious long Rapunzel lengths.

With three different methods to select from, to accommodate your particular needs. 

All extension installations require a consultation, at which time Brittany will assess your hair and explain which method is best suited for your goals. 

You'll be provided the details of installation, after care and purchase and installation pricing 

Extensions is a luxury custom service and depending on your hair and lifestyle a custom care routine will be designed just for you! 

Volume Wefts - Sew In 

This method is perfect for adding beautiful volume and length simultaneously

Most natural installation ( almost invisible to detect )

Durable secured with micro beads and sew in 

Lasts 12 weeks until move up

* no glue or residues 

Long Brown Hair

Tape In 

This method is ideal for those clients with very fragile or thin hair 

Also excellent for events such as weddings

Lays flat against the scalp and can be custom placed to fit each client's needs

Lasts 6 weeks until move up 

*removal requires 2 days to clean and re-tape before reinstall 



This method works well for those wanting to add a lot of volume or cover very short hair * some lengths may be too short determined at consultation

These extensions are secured in very small sections with a metal bead 

The hair moves at 360 degrees very natural 

Lasts 8 weeks until move up

 *some situations may require multiple methods to be used to achieve a natural look 

brown hair flowing