Meet Brittany

A Little about Me

 Being a stylist is a dream job. Where I work with amazing women that value my skills and enjoy connecting. 

 My career began as a 15-year-old receptionist in a salon. The stylists were like magicians in my eyes. I loved seeing a guest enter feeling very “blah” and leaving with heads held high and smiles lighting their faces. 


 My obsession was born! After many interesting results on myself and a few willing friends, I was hooked. I graduated Sunstate Academy in 2010 and stood behind my first salon chair at age 26. Ten years later, and I wouldn't trade this for anything!

When I'm not in the salon you'll find me at home cooking, listening to music and dancing in the living room with my baby! Or out strolling the parks holding my husband's hand and enjoying my simple life. I'm a die hard Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fan. Pretty much anything magical and I'm hooked. 

 My mission is to educate my guests about their hair. I go deep into your hair care, so you understand what your true needs are. Products are not optional they should be optimal. 

I work with Monat products a natural, vegan friendly, gluten free & cruelty free company. The products perform and are backed with clinical trials to put your mind at ease. 

Having true healthy hair will be life changing! Making everything I do for you even better!

 My guests are my extended family, allowing my dream to become reality. Welcome!! I look forward to meeting you and beginning our hair journey!